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Why don’t marketers trust their own measurements?

A report by Forrester reveals that many B2B marketing leaders don’t trust their measurements, which they attribute to failures like poor data, inadequate technology, inadequate user support, and a lack of alignment. Read their takeaways here.

How B2B leaders are preparing marketing departments for the future

As budgets tighten and buyer behaviours continue to change, how can B2B companies futureproof their marketing departments? A roundtable by B2B Marketing recommends aligning with sales on key metrics, internally repositioning the value of marketing, focusing on sales enablement and account-based marketing, and adding efficiencies with AI tools.

Infographic: Get more from your B2B marketing budget

MarketingProfs turned some insights from a survey of B2B marketing CMOs into a handy infographic. Check it out to learn how marketing leaders are planning and managing their budgets this year.

The decline of print ads is an opportunity for digital media

While print media has always had an air of authority, current trends are clear: consumers prefer digital media for its immediacy and accessibility. CMSWire discusses how the “death of print” is an opportunity for advertisers to explore diverse digital formats.

Are your digital ads feeling a bit stale?

Find out how to breathe new life into an ad campaign.