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The tipping point of B2B digital advertising

More and more studies have shown marked increases in B2B digital ad spend over the years — and the opportunities marketers can create with a more robust online toolbelt. AdWeek explains how even small, incremental changes to your digital approach can cascade into a more successful B2B marketing campaign.

Tips for the launch of sponsored video on LinkedIn

Last week LinkedIn announced the introduction of sponsored video ads, as well as the ability for brands to have videos on their company pages. Get the scoop on B2B News Network to find out what it means for business-to-business marketers.

Martech survival tips

In light of recent news that playtime is over for Toys R Us, the Pardot blog delves into the importance of the customer experience when it comes to their buying decisions. The post offers statistics and insights for B2B and B2C marketers alike, so give it a read for some practical takeaways.

All you other email metrics are just imitating

Are your email metrics leading you astray? Marketo discusses the need to correctly interpret the data from your email marketing campaigns and provides tips on uncovering the real keys to success.