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Acquiring new customers with B2B content

Getting customers to read the content you’ve created can be more challenging than writing the content itself. Incorporating blogs and articles in your outbound marketing efforts can attract more viewers and potential customers, Search Engine Watch explains.

How B2B companies can survive 2020’s turbulent economy

B2B companies play a significant role in our economy, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way these businesses market their products and services, and could have long-lasting impacts on operations. Learn about these impacts and how B2B companies can prepare for the future in this article from Global Banking and Finance.

What video marketers can learn from these iconic ads

Advertisements have the ability to make a lasting impression on viewers – if they’re done right. Well-made commercials boost brand awareness and allow people to connect with your brand. Hubspot has a collection of iconic ads from the land down under to get you inspired.