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6 tips to grow B2B business in a tough market

As B2B product sales slow down in the US, Insider Intelligence recommends differentiating your offerings, identifying the right problems to solve, building long-term brand awareness, and three more insights to help businesses stay competitive.

To plan websites, put results first

Many web build exercises start with a question around what a business’ internal stakeholders prefer, as opposed to what they need to produce results. MarTech outlines an ideal website planning scenario that includes defining KPIs, interviewing clients, researching competitors, and more.

How lead scoring helps B2B marketers

Lead scoring provides sales teams with criteria to help prioritize leads, but they also help inform marketing teams about how to focus their efforts. Search Engine Journal explains what lead scoring is and its benefits to both teams.

76% of sales and customer service pros see the benefits of AI

A recent report provides new statistics about how respondents feel about AI adoption, including the impact on customer service, budgets, and day-to-day operations. MarketingTech breaks down the key findings.

Want to learn more web design principles?

Our B2B web gurus discuss the importance of whitespace.