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Make B2B marketing less mechanical

Sometimes marketers forget about the real, live humans they’re trying to reach — particularly in the software and machine-based world of B2B. It's time to rise up against our robot overlords! The Drum explains how to inject more personality into your B2B marketing efforts and showcase your humanity.

To market with a cause, make it your purpose

Data shows that young consumers are attracted to brands with a purpose, but only if the brand’s commitment goes deeper than a single campaign. AdWeek says “cause marketing” often falls flat with young people — typically because the brand fails to communicate its purpose and back it up with actions.

Chatbots are poised take over the retail sector

Chatbots are expected to drive $112 billion in retail sales by 2023, according to a new study. That’s good news for B2B, too — as AI technology gets more sophisticated, chatbots can offer companies significant savings in customer service and support processes. MarketingLand has the scoop.

Cartoon: Too many cooks in the creative review

This is a little too real. A cartoon by MarketingWeek’s Marketoonist illustrates how creative projects suffer from extensive, unrestrained creative reviews. It's true: too many cooks is how you plan a delicious four-course meal and end up with nothing but the after-dinner mint.