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Generating leads by bringing content marketing and PR together

Public relations (PR) and content teams both focus on creating valuable information for audiences, but there are some subtle differences: content teams create new content for new audiences, while PR typically creates assets for an audience that’s already engaged. Bringing these teams together can offer a new approach to lead generation for organizations, says HubSpot.

Is your tech bogging you down?

Technology helps make our home and work lives easier, but only when it works properly and in sync with other technology. One study found that the average enterprise uses 120 martech tools, which, as you can imagine, can bog down teams. This impacts sales and the customer journey. B2B Marketing explains how to reduce tech complexity.

5 tips for a more robust and strategic editorial calendar

Creating and filling out an editorial calendar is easy, but there are ways to take it to the next level to make it more informative and effective. A few techniques, such as adding metrics and goals, using content blends, and involving more people can help improve your editorial calendar, according to Contently.

Blue vs. red ocean SEO strategy

A blue ocean marketing strategy is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making competition irrelevant and allowing low-cost lead generation. This is a direct contrast to a red ocean marketing strategy, which involves fierce competition to attain rankings, links, and authority. Watch this video from Moz to learn how to take advantage of the blue ocean SEO strategy.