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Cure ‘account blindness’ and stop spamming B2B customers

When you’re not clear on the preferences and behaviors of your accounts, you’re more likely to use marketing tactics they find invasive or spammy. CMS Wire calls this condition ‘account blindness’ and shares the panacea.

Will in-person or virtual events continue in B2B marketing’s future?

According to Forbes, both can coexist: in-person events will always attract an audience with great speakers, food and drinks, and networking opportunities, while virtual allows better flexibility and the technology for other modes of conversation. Here’s how to combine the two effectively.

Advice for B2B marketers: Celebrate small wins to build confidence

B2B decisions aren’t as logical or straightforward as we’d like to believe – they’re also tied to emotional and social considerations. Marketing Week explores how to start with small, attainable creative campaigns that capture emotions before moving on to more ambitious projects.

Ad features Mom’s favorites: Chicken and flowers

Just in case you needed some finger-lickin’ cravings alongside your marketing news this week, Marketing Dive shares some insights into a recent KFC promotion featuring a floral bouquet of fried chicken. Take a moment to imagine what that smells like, then maybe order one for Mother’s Day. Or don’t.