2023. The year of the AI revolution, the year Barbie grossed over $1bn at the box office, and the year Motum B2B shared all sorts of insights and expertise on its blog.

As the year ends, we'd like to look back on some of our most popular features, including transformative trends, repurposing content, and questioning whether your brand's in need of a refresh.

3 trends to transform your B2B content in 2023

At the beginning of 2023, we shared three trends B2B organizations should note as they navigate the year. They covered the evolutions of three past trends: from personalization to using content to collect data, from making content easy to find to building content hubs, and from writing less sales-y marketing copy to writing for humans instead of robots.

They’re still all trends that are worth checking out, which you can do here.

Try 3 more transformative B2B content trends

Given how popular the first set of trends were, it made sense that our readers followed up with three more transformative B2B content trends. This edition covers the more technical side of content creation, including the importance of video, web accessibility, and AI-powered tools in B2B content generation.

Discover the second set of B2B content trends.

5 ways to tell if your B2B brand needs a refresh

When’s the last time you refreshed the look and messaging of your B2B brand? This post runs through the signs you should be looking for to remain relevant and stay connected to current shifts in the market.

Find out whether your brand is in need of a refresh.

How to repurpose content with purpose

Coming up with content ideas is tough. Following that, you have to research it, write it, and get it prepared for publishing. By approaching an idea through the lens of content repurposing and thinking about how you can create multiple pieces of content from one source, you’ll be able to get maximum mileage for each idea.

See how you can save time and diversify your content output.

A short guide to creating long-form B2B content

Did you know that long-form content gets an average of 77.2% more links than short articles? As a way of generating leads and positioning your business as a thought-leader, we compiled a short guide to creating compelling and engaging long-form B2B content.

Start creating long-form content.

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