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Leveraging local search results for B2B marketing

When creating an SEO strategy, many companies forget to take advantage of one major thing: location. Out of the 3.5 billion Google searches made each day, about 46 per cent of people are seeking local information, and many end up visiting a business within five miles. Forbes has three local SEO tips to help your business grow.

How can manufacturers use content marketing?

Content marketing isn’t a direct sell, and that’s why it works so well in manufacturing. By creating interesting and informative content about your industry, you build brand image and meaningful connections with your customers. ThomasNet.com explains.

AI-generated logos miss the mark

AI is getting smarter every day, and the list of human jobs they may eventually replace seems endless. Apparently, there’s still a ways to go before AI can replicate human creativity. Check out Fast Company to see what logos for Apple and Google look like when they’re designed by a robot.

Anti-food styling: Watch a Whopper rot in 30 seconds

Air-brushed buns, mashed potato soft serve and plastic condiments are all tricks used to make fast food look more delicious onscreen. So why did Burger King decide to make a time-lapse ad showing a Whopper become mouldy? Watch the video at The Drum to find out.