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B2B interactives in action

With the right approach, interactive content like quizzes, infographics and calculators can help firms connect with audiences on a more personal level. Skyword explains how interactive content can complement the B2B marketing landscape and provides examples of successful B2B interactives.

SEO keywords and quality: Striking the balance

SEO content writing gets a bad rap. The prevailing sentiment is that marketers cram the copy full of keywords, leaving little room for valuable messaging. According to Search Engine Land, it doesn’t have to be this way. Read on to learn eight approaches to higher-quality SEO writing.

Handy analytics tricks for B2B marketers

The Pardot blog has three analytics tricks you may have overlooked in your B2B marketing strategy. If you’re in the Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL; DR) boat: the post covers multi-touch attribution, account-based marketing and deeply collaborative data analysis.

Everybody panic: Robots can now flawlessly impersonate humans on the phone

This week in creepy AI news, Google showed off a future functionality of its Google Assistant, which will eventually have the ability to make phone calls on the user’s behalf. To demonstrate, Google CEO Sundar Pichai played a disturbingly convincing recording wherein the Assistant sounded almost indistinguishable from a real, human caller.

While the development seems mind-blowing from a technical perspective, Inc. raised some valid questions about how the new capability could be used for robocalls and other underhanded tactics.

The news raised some red flags at Motum as well.

“Definitely no way this will be used to influence an election or anything,” says Phil Richards, Web Developer.