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When B2B marketers overlook data quality issues

B2B marketers are always juggling multiple tasks at once, and certain things can understandably fall by the wayside. Business 2 Community says lead quality is one of these oft-forgotten issues. Take a gander to find out why and how lead quality is such a big concern in B2B marketing.

Sales and marketing must agree on target market

Another report has emerged to give us new insights on the tricky task of sales and marketing alignment. According to a press release in Globe NewsWire, the report shows a connection between strong alignment and attaining your revenue goals. It also revealed the number one roadblock to alignment: a failure to agree on target market.

HubSpot’s 5 biggest social media lessons from 2017

Nope, we’re still not done reading recaps and recollections from 2017 — and for good reason. HubSpot shared five of the most important social media lessons they learned last year, touching on factors like inclusiveness, topical content, and making a quick first impression with videos.

Hootsuite’s star-studded Instagram awards

Last week Hootsuite followed up the Oscars with an awards ceremony of its own: a celebration of its favorite Instagram content from the past year. Check it out if you want creative inspiration for your next social media campaign, or if you just need a laugh to start your day.