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New year, new B2B strategies

With 2024 shaping up to be full of change for B2B marketers, Fast Company looks at four areas to explore throughout the year, including a more refined look at AI, influencers, creating content that feels human, and shoring up your corporate responsibility.

Storytelling’s impact in B2B marketing

From introducing emotional appeal to your products and services to doubling down on your business’ tone of voice, storytelling is important. MarTech discusses the power of storytelling in the B2B buying process, its essential elements, and how to craft a narrative of your own.

Finding room for realism

B2B marketing should be positive, but at what point does it become too positive? The Drum talks about the toxic positivity problem and making room among the mega-wins for talk of difficult decisions. As the feature reads, “with the global economy continuing to stumble, is there a point where B2B’s relentless, reality-denying optimism starts to sound out-of-touch, alienating, or even insensitive?”

Avoid these B2B SaaS SEO mistakes

MarketingProfs shares seven pitfalls B2B SaaS firms run into when it comes to SEO. Alongside talking about protecting client data, it mentions case studies and ensuring login pages are indexable.

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