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It’s time for a B2B marketing revolution

A Forbes council member argues that the B2B marketing space is due for a change, and that calls for boldness and creativity. Here’s what they recommend businesses try as competition heats up.

Is the B2B buyer journey still relevant?

We've mentioned it before, but a new opinion piece in Marketing Week argues that the traditional B2B funnel is redundant. To keep growing at a steady pace, marketers need to embrace a new approach to buyer behaviour.

Updates introduce AI to brand design

Canva recently joined the fray of major design and visual platforms that are rolling out new generative AI tools. Digiday describes the new capabilities and how they’ll shape the world of brand design.

A weird social media strategy aimed at Gen Z

In the spirit of making bold moves, Nutter Butter doubled its Instagram followers with an absurdist social media strategy aimed at Gen Z. AdWeek explains how the campaign (and its retinue of Aidans) became so successful.