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How to boost customer experience on your B2B website

A positive customer experience helps develop long and successful relationships with clients. A responsive website, a streamlined purchase process and good customer service are a few ways to improve user experience on your site. Business 2 Community has more.

Increase your marketing agility with these tips

Carefully constructed marketing plans were torn to shreds earlier this year when the COVID crisis struck, highlighting the need for agile marketing. Experimentation, goal setting and a strong focus on customer experience are all important components of agile marketing, according to Marketing Land.

Enjoy the silence

Long pauses in conversation feel awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s time to embrace them. The “rule of awkward silence” is simply taking a pause to think critically before speaking to allow deeper, more thoughtful answers. Inc explains.

Forget the Illuminati, the Reese Society is here

Reese’s is known as a tasty chocolate peanut butter candy, but what’s less known is the exclusive club dedicated to the classic treat. The Reese Society is a unique guerilla marketing campaign that uses secrecy and a mysterious masked figure who exclusively speaks in reverse psychology phrases to attract Instagrammers. Check it out at Ads of the World.