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Reviewing the good and bad of 2018 in marketing

From fortified consumer data rights to increased scrutiny of influencers, the marketing landscape saw a great deal of change last year. Check out two stories from Marketing Week’s “year in review” series exploring the good and the bad of 2018 marketing news.

Social media to focus on personal authenticity in 2019

Enough of retrospectives: it’s time to make some new year predictions. Fast Company breaks down Hootsuite’s annual Social Trends Report and extracts some key insights about social media trends we can expect to see in 2019.

How buzzwords detract from your marketing strategy

More from Marketing Week: marketers are always keeping tabs on the latest trends, but at what point does a faddish vocab take away from your marketing strategy? Here’s how buzzwords impact your strategic knowledge. Oh, and if you want to test your memory of some choice marketing jargon terms, check out this quiz.

Break the “curse of knowledge” when talking to your audience

More from Fast Company (they’re both killin’ it lately): particularly in B2B, marketers sometimes make the mistake of explaining things in ways that make sense to us — but not our audience. Find out how to communicate these complex, challenging concepts in ways your target audience can appreciate.