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Tired of ‘click here’? Try these CTAs instead.

Website conversion rates are notoriously low. Why? There can be many reasons, but one may be due to the fact that your CTA is bland, boring, and forgettable. Search Engine Journal says a good CTA should be descriptive, actionable, and interesting.

How to keep your marketing team productive

A well-oiled marketing machine isn’t just more productive – it’s also happier and more collaborative. This naturally leads to better work and more satisfied clients. Learn how to keep your team in tip-top shape at Search Engine Land.

Let’s get statistical: B2B vs B2C

B2B and B2C brands may share common goals of growing revenues and building customer loyalty, but the way they conduct their marketing tends to differ. Dive into data at HubSpot to explore stats and infographics on B2B and B2C marketing and video marketing, in particular.

Crack into your creativity with this brain habit

If you’re feeling a lack of creativity recently, you might be worried that it’s permanent or that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as the saying goes. But that’s simply not true. By practicing and training, you can unlock the creativity needed for basically any task, according to Inc.

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