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Getting actionable intel from B2B influencer research

Influencer marketing has been a hot topic in recent years — enough that the talk around B2C influencers has spilled over to B2B and ignited a whole new conversation. If you’re in the market for a new approach, Marketing Land offers strategies to research B2B influencers and create a specific, actionable plan based on your findings.

Three metrics with variable degrees of usefulness

Sometimes the bounce rate, browse rate (PPV), and time-on-site are handy metrics to evaluate your marketing efforts… and sometimes they’re utterly useless. Read or listen to Moz’s discussion on the grey area surrounding these three metrics — and scenarios where they are or aren’t helpful.

Search is catching up to email in B2B lead generation

When it comes to driving leads and creating conversions in B2B, email is something of a heavyweight champion. Other methods might not steal that title anytime soon, but MediaPost breaks down the results of a study showing that search is quickly catching up to its lead-generating counterparts.

Don’t cop out on good copy

When site visitors scan through half your page without reading to the end, you could blame declining attention spans — but that’s the easy way out. Copyblogger reminds us it’s the writer’s job to keep the reader hooked, not the other way around. Learn these four writing mistakes that could prompt readers to bail out before the stunning conclusion.