Get creative with B2B marketing this year

To broaden your creative horizons, you need to be willing to embrace a challenge. The Drum explains why 2022 is the year to elevate your creative work in B2B marketing.

Video: Know your audience to succeed in B2B

According to this video in FreightWaves, it helps to think of your B2B audience as an individual rather than a company. When you define that individual’s decision-making behaviour well enough to target them effectively, then you can catch the eye of the entire company.

To change your marketing perspective, ask “What if?”

Plenty of big marketing questions revolve around the question of how to get certain things done. A piece in MarketingWeek asks you to think of new, blue-sky “What if?” questions to help surpass your limitations.

Support employee upskilling to boost retention

Professional development is not just good for your employees’ performance and success — it also keeps them happy. The 360 Blog by Salesforce explains why you should invest in upskilling your employees.