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Does your content need a reboot?

Just because your website can keep all your past content alive doesn’t mean it should. Brands should conduct a content audit periodically to determine which content is outdated or redundant, and then decide whether a reboot is necessary. Learn how to make that determination at the Content Marketing Institute.

Survey says: These 3 issues are bugging B2B marketers

Although awareness around reaching their brand goals is high, B2B marketers are reporting some issues that can pose a challenge to reaching those goals. From tight budgets to finding and retaining talent, Marketing Interactive breaks down some of these issues.

An in-depth guide to designing site navigation for SEO and UX

Content marketers are usually focused on… well, content, but being able to navigate through that content and your site in general has a huge impact on SEO and user experience. Ensure your site is easy to navigate for both readers and search engines with these tips from Search Engine Journal.

Promote company culture

Like it or not, hybrid work is here to stay. But all of that working from home could influence company culture if there’s no time for in-person collaboration and team building. Do you prefer to work from home, or do you enjoy the occasional visit to the office? Read why one author is against the idea of a fully-remote team at Inc.

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