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Infographic: What marketers can expect from rapidly-developing tech

Technology has transformed the way we do business in a very short time, and evidence shows the landscape will only change more dramatically in the future. An AdWeek infographic outlines what marketers should expect as digital tech continues to evolve at breakneck speed.

Master B2B sales enablement strategies

Sales enablement is all about empowering your sales team with new tools, platforms and support from your marketing team. Webbiquity shares five sales enablement tactics B2B marketers should master, such as messaging, internal nurturing and content influenced by your very own sales reps.

2018’s game-changing moments in social media

‘Tis the season to predict next year’s trends and review the highlights of 2018. Let’s start with a fun one: Hootsuite shares the year’s most notable moments in social media.

Hey, we read books too!

MarketingWeek and Forbes are all well and good, but even the most avid marketer needs a break sometimes. As the holiday season frees up time to cozy up with a new read, Motum developer Phil Richards recommends NPR Books’ list of the best books of 2018.

“Read more books and less Twitter,” says Phil. What a wise guy.