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Can TikTok be used in B2B? Sure!

There’s a lot more to TikTok than viral dance videos or meme compilations. Used right, clever creators can make any niche topic fascinating and garner an audience. Remember to be authentic! Learn how to leverage the ultra-popular platform on B2B Marketing.

How location influences PPC results

Chips or crisps? Pop or soda? Train or tram? Different words, brands and phrases have different meanings depending on geolocation, so it makes sense that marketing campaigns must take location and population into account when embarking on a PPC campaign. Learn how location plays a role at Search Engine Land.

Here’s why brands lose Instagram followers – and how to prevent it

If you’ve noticed more users unfollowing your brand, it might be time to step up your Instagram game. Inconsistency, coming across as too salesy, and posting too much or too little are all common reasons for a drop in followers. Check out HubSpot for tips on how to win them back.