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How to improve B2B collaborations with digital tech

Technological advancements like augmented reality are creating new opportunities for manufacturers to craft better co-creation strategies. AdWeek explains how digital tech plays a role in B2B co-creation — and how your business can benefit.

Tips for becoming a webinar star

Looking to brush up on your webinar skills? Forbes shares advice on how to develop online presentations and keep hold of your audience’s attention throughout.

Master the ‘gram with this photo editing guide

Once you get comfortable with its photo editing capabilities, Instagram is a great way to expand your audience and add some visual appeal to your social media efforts. Check out Hootsuite’s simple guide to using filters, the Lux setting, alignment adjustment and more. You’ll be ‘gramming like a pro in no time.

The secret of advertising is all in your head

Wondering how your advertising efforts actually land with buyers? An infographic by USC Dornsife College explores how you can affect emotional responses in your audience — and ultimately have a greater impact on their buying habits — through factors like theme, color choice and imagery.