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Twists and turns in the B2B buyer journey

The changing economic landscape is altering the way B2B buyers make purchases and perceive brands, according to a new study. More time is spent researching potential purchases, and customers expect more personalized attention based on their needs. Learn more about the findings at Toolbox.com.

Influencers in B2B marketing can deliver results

When you hear the term “influencer marketing,” you probably think of Instagrammers on the beach, but influencers in the B2B market (though not bikini-clad) are becoming more popular. B2B influencers can add credibility, network with experts and give a fresh perspective to your audience, according to Talking Influencer.

Implementing marketing automation

Implementing automation in marketing should be a people-first process. It should enhance the customer experience while also increasing efficiency and integrating with other systems already in use. Marketing Land explains.

Verizon Media creates creepy virtual escape room

In-person escape rooms are scarier this year due to the monsters we can’t see, effectively shutting them down. That doesn’t mean thrill-seekers can’t get their fix: Verizon Media is hosting a terrifying virtual escape room this Halloween in a marketing campaign surrounding 5G technology. Check it out at The Drum.