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Appeal to the new generation

Whether it’s the impact of the pandemic or the fact that millennials and Gen Z now make up a key percentage of B2B buyers, marketers are facing new challenges. Forbes outlines ways to build solutions for this new B2B buyer, including using data and multichannel analysis.

Map your selling process

A key part of finding success as a B2B company is meeting customers where they are. MarTech shares a success story that outlines what happened when a B2B changed its marketing to better match their buyers’ behaviour.

Convert audiences in new markets

If you’ve ever wondered how to scale your B2B PPC strategy to regions with other languages, Search Engine Journal has you covered. It discusses the steps for developing a multilingual PPC strategy, including insight on keyword research, localizing landing pages, and more.

Deliver a connected customer experience

According to Forrester, customer experience quality fell for 19% of brands in 2022, thanks to a decreased focus on customer-centricity. In response, MarketingProfs talks about the connected customer experience and how important it is for organizations to create a seamless journey.

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