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The dark side of B2B marketing and PR tactics

Marketers in B2B tech should use their powers for good, not evil. For Forbes, the dark side of marketing and PR includes over-relying on newswires, ghosting potential partners, and sending inconsistent outbound communications.

In content marketing, video is king

With great ROI, high engagement, and plenty of accessibility benefits, video is considered one of the top forms of content marketing media. The Drum shares 7 reasons why video is the best of the best.

Get more attention!

Or at least do more with the attention you get on social media. Entrepreneur explains why Return on Attention Created (ROAC) beats ROI in terms of measuring the effectiveness of your social strategy.

Can marketers use AI-generated art?

While apps like DALL-E give users the rights to images they generate, Getty Images banned AI-generated art out of concern for unaddressed copyright issues. Social Media Today investigates the legal implications of the AI art question.