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Tidy up your digital marketing strategy

In the mood for a little spring cleaning? Check out this handy infographic by MarketingProfs, which will guide you through a sweep of your digital marketing efforts in four areas: social, data security, mobile, and marketing attribution.

A lesson in misguided email marketing

Sometimes even well-intentioned companies make costly email marketing blunders. The Pardot blog shares an anecdote about email marketing gone wrong and explains how you can learn from its mistakes.

B2C plays to connect with B2B marketers

Now that millennials have grown into the largest generation in U.S. history, the makeup of B2B buyers has changed. Business2Community explains how you can take a leaf out of the B2C playbook to direct more targeted, personalized messages to a growing millennial audience.

Humanizing your brand on social media

Social media is an especially useful medium for content that reads like it’s written by humans, for humans. How do you balance that while still developing a unique tone and voice for your brand? Marketo shares some insights.