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Clearing the sales and marketing alignment hurdles in B2B

Many players in the B2B field understand the need to align sales and marketing departments, but the relationship is often rocky. Forbes explores a few of the common pitfalls involved in sales and marketing alignment and explains how to address them.

Unilever urges Google and Facebook to drain the swamp

In light of the fake news and extremist content that has been flooding Facebook and Google, corporations and public figures have been calling on the tech giants to drain the swamp. Unilever joined the fray in recent news, threatening to withdraw from advertising on the sites if the Alphabet subsidiaries fail to adequately police their content. Get the scoop on CNBC.

Shutterstock’s creative trends for 2018

We’re all for putting more unicorns and cactus motifs in our visual designs, but the justification isn’t always there. Shutterstock predicts 11 creative trends that will overtake the pop culture and design scenes in 2018 — and thankfully for us, unicorns and cacti are right up there.

“We already have minimalism, outer space, and punchy pastel designs on our site,” says Kelly McNamara, Web Developer at Motum B2B, “so we are crushin’ it!"

But we could always use more unicorns, right?