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5 trends to shape your B2B marketing practices this year

Whether we realize it or not, current news, politics, social issues, marketing successes and blunders, and general fads all shape our approach to marketing. With that in mind, Forbes shares five marketing trends to inspire B2B brands this year.

Defining reach and impressions: What should you track?

Need help analyzing the progress of your new marketing campaign? Hootsuite clarifies the distinction between “impressions” and “reach” on different platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, and explains how to use this data in your marketing operations.

Personalized CTAs: Give it 202%

Hubspot conducted a study of more than 330,000 CTAs to determine what types performed better and led to more conversions. The result? Personalized CTAs performed 202 percent better than your basic, cookie-cutter CTAs.

11 of this year’s best ads, according to Cannes jurists

AdWeek shares this year’s gold and Grand Prix Film-winning ads, which run the gamut from heartwarming to tear-jerking to giggle-inducing. The ads originate from six different countries, and you can watch them all here.