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Tweaking your data collection tactics post-GDPR

The long-anticipated European data protection regulation known as GDPR took effect last week, prompting marketers to update their privacy policies and tweak their approaches to data collection. For marketers with scruples, all is not lost. The Harvard Business Review explains how you can still leverage information from your clients with approaches like transparency, personalization and more.

Boost your B2B brand with blogs

Many of our clients are ahead of the curve on this, but Business 2 Community explores the many benefits of blogging for B2B marketers. Check out their research, stats and tips to understand why blogging is so crucial to marketing your brand.

Make your marketing data sing for fun and profit

GDPR or no GDPR, data science is still an essential aspect of any marketing efforts. AdWeek outlines the strategies that maximize the potential of your high-value marketing data.

Eye-catching visual marketing highlights in B2B

Looking for some visual marketing inspiration for your B2B brand? Skyword shares three standout examples of visual content marketing from heavy-hitters General Electric and HP, as well as one smaller-scale project from Piktochart.