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Mack keeps on truckin’ with an inspiring B2B campaign

Tired of hearing about how B2B content needs to look more like B2C? A recent campaign by Mack Trucks proves that you can take an authentic, compelling and, yes, not-boring approach to B2B that goes beyond stealing tricks from the consumer-focused playbook. Demand Gen Report has the story.

Video strategies from LinkedIn and other marketing experts

As video continues to flourish in the B2B space, marketers need to make sure their content is set up for success. The Drum shares video marketing tips and tactics from marketers at LinkedIn, Dailymotion and The Smalls — check it out if you need to brush up on a few best practices.

Lurk this social media glossary for maximum mentions

Pop quiz: Does AMA mean a) All My Avocados, b) Another Melting Asymptote, or c) Ask Me Anything? If you are genuinely stumped by this question, we recommend you check out Hubspot’s glossary of social media terms. (With over 100 terms ranging from “Avatar” to “Zapier,” you may want to bookmark this page.)

Social media as “lazy” marketer’s customer research tool

We’re not saying you should always take shortcuts in your marketing approach, but, well, sometimes that’s the right play. As an easy approach to customer research, Hootsuite explains how and why you should use social media to learn more about your buyers.