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A socially responsible approach to B2B marketing

As corporate social responsibility (CSR) grows in importance, socially responsible marketing can be a huge differentiator for B2B brands of all sizes. MarketingProfs explains how to consider your company’s values, define goals, and implement them.

Swap to GA4 before the sun sets on UA

At the end of this week, Google will shut down its popular marketing analytics tool, Universal Analytics (UA). User data suggests we’re not all ready for the swap to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), but MarTech shares what you need to know.

Do you really know your B2B customer?

Because B2B is so complex, the typical buyer persona can sometimes miss the mark in terms of actually addressing how buyers make decisions. CMSWire details the problems with personas and how to better understand your customer.

An AI primer for marketers

The marketing space stands to gain a lot from artificial intelligence, but only if you can make sense of all the AI-related information (and misinformation) floating around out there. TechFunnel shares a beginner’s guide to using AI in marketing.

Curious for more analytics insights?

Read about Google Snippets (and how to get into one).