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How jargon kills B2B marketing efforts

Using the wrong language has powerful consequences in B2B marketing, according to AdWeek. Here's how avoiding industry jargon and buzzwords helps to clarify communication, humanize content, and deepen meaning and understanding.

Designing websites for neurodiversity

We believe accessible websites benefit everyone, and sites that accommodate neurodiverse users are no different. TechRound explains the importance of neurodiverse-friendly web design and shares examples of features, visuals, and content that boost accessibility.

Opinion: B2B customers don’t exist

Among all the 2024 marketing trend predictions going around, we see one pretty consistently: the need for more personal, humanized content. A contributor for The Drum shares their two cents about why marketers should think of “B2B customers” as people — because, well, that’s what they are.

Web design inspiration for your coffee break

Whether you’re considering a website overhaul next year or you just want to look at some awesome ideas, Codrops has a regular roundup of sites they find well-designed, innovative, and inspiring. Here are their latest picks.

Get the skinny on web accessibility

Read about the key elements of accessible website design.