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2024: The year of authenticity

Forbes proposes that 2024 will be the year of authenticity, bringing an “unparalleled opportunity” for B2B businesses to rewrite the playbook and separate yourself from convention. It suggests a shift from AI-driven interactions to a more human-led approach, being able to translate data and metrics into actionable insights, and a rise in “micro-specialists.”

Humanizing the B2B experience

On the topic of taking a more human-centric approach, MarTech outlines the importance of creating customer experiences that speak to your customers' emotional and rational needs. By harnessing first-party data and taking time to figure out who your B2B customer is, you can create a meaningful B2B journey.

LinkedIn’s predictive audiences unlocks new targeting

Following the launch of LinkedIn’s ‘predictive audiences’, an AI-powered feature that promises to unlock new modes of targeting, The Drum outlines how it can give B2B marketers a competitive edge. For context, it shares that “LinkedIn saw a 21% cost-per-lead reduction in campaigns using predictive audiences and lead gen objectives.”

5 SEO data pitfalls to look out for

Search Engine Land shares five issues marketing and SEO professionals run into when dealing with data, from misunderstanding the relationship between impressions and rankings to failing to report SEO’s value and attribution.

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