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B2B branding lessons from the M&M overhaul

M&M recently announced a new initiative to refresh its brand identity, which partly involves using the candy company’s range of colours, shapes and sizes to send a message of inclusivity. MarTechSeries explains what B2B marketers can take away from M&M’s rebranding efforts.

HubSpot choo-choo-chooses these Valentine’s Day campaigns

Happy Valentine’s Day! HubSpot’s bloggers picked out some standout campaigns that made their hearts throb, so check them out if you’re looking to spice up your marketing life.

Disney study gives insight into news content advertising

Readers feel that a news source is more important than the individual stories it publishes, according to a new study by Disney Advertising Sales. Check it out for more statistics and takeaways about ad content, formats and messaging in news content advertising.

Ads were a hoot at the Superb Owl

Did you notice a theme in the Superbowl ads last weekend? Advertisers kept the mood upbeat and optimistic with star-studded casting, over-the-top humour and new brands joining the fray, as MarketingDive explains.