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Link-building tips to boost your SEO

Using backlinks properly can be a great asset to your SEO, but quality should always be more important than quantity. Mutually beneficial contributions, useful content and checking for broken links are all good ways to use links in your marketing effectively. Inc.com has more link building tips.

Learn from these 3 B2B marketing mistakes

B2B marketing has changed over the years. If you don’t keep up with the latest best practices, you may not see the results that you’re hoping (and paying) for. Forbes has three major mistakes to avoid in your B2B marketing efforts.

5 trends that pop the ‘content bubble’ myth

Every so often, a marketing blog announces the arrival of a “content bubble,” suggesting that oversaturation will thwart any further efforts for successful, original content marketing. At Motum B2B, we know that’s far from the truth. Thankfully, Skyword agrees with us and has five content trends that prove strong content marketing isn’t going anywhere.

Blade Runner 2049? More like Blade Runner 2020

As AI and technology become more powerful, it’s becoming harder to determine what (or who) is real and what isn’t. Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, Neon is an “Artificial Human” capable of extremely natural and human-like conversations and body language. Mashable shows us what the future of AI may look like.