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Appealing to a new generation

It’s been well documented that the B2B buyer is changing, with millennials and Gen Z fast becoming the new decision-makers. In response, Forbes outlines the key characteristics of this generation, from co-creation to thinking beyond economic value.

Reaping the rewards of brand building

MarketingWeek shares how the value of the top 100 most valuable B2B brands has been on the up, thanks to investing in brand building and a push to humanize B2B brands. It also talks about the importance of sustainability credentials and how that too can have an impact on value.

Continuing the B2B influencer conversation

In a previous edition of What We’re Reading, we talked about Ogilvy’s report on the global rise of B2B influencer marketing, which found that 75% of surveyed B2B marketers are already utilizing influencers and of those who don't, most are planning on starting soon. MarTech uses that to explore why influencer marketing is so critical in B2B.

A growing demand for gated B2B content

A new report from NetLine shows that demand for gated B2B content has surged by 14.3% year-over-year, marking an increase of 77% from 2019. It demonstrates not just the appetite for longer-form content but that people are willing to share their data in exchange for something worthwhile.

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