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A potential future for B2B sales

As technology continues to alter the B2B sales funnel, digital sales rooms are emerging as a tactic that’s gaining traction. As a collaborative online space where B2B brands and their customers can meet and showcase their products, EnterpriseAppsToday analyzes their benefits.

A return to in-person events

MarTech’s Event Participation Index found that 60% of marketers plan to return to in-person events by the end of the year. While that’s likely to hold true, that’s not to say years of recent virtual events haven’t had an impact. Forbes outlines what B2C companies can learn from B2B events in a post-pandemic world.

Improving the B2B form-fill challenge

As a way to capture data and deliver personalization, we all know how important forms are for businesses. Rather than thinking of it as an afterthought at the bottom of a page, Martech Series shares its top lead generating form strategies and examples of brands doing it right.

Be aware of misinformation when using generative AI

There’s a good chance you’ve already used ChatGPT or another AI platform. While its benefits for workplace efficiency are clear, everything it shares might not be 100% accurate. Fast Company shares the risks of misinformation when using AI and what you can do about it.