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More privacy, less data

More online publishers are removing cookies to meet demands for greater privacy, but this comes with the loss of valuable third-party data that marketers use to make informed decisions. Agencies will have to evolve and use intent monitoring to accommodate these changes, according to B2B Marketing.

3 ways to say on top of customer behaviours

Knowing your customers and audience is an essential part of marketing, but it’s important to remember that their needs and behaviours are always changing. Understand them better with these 3 tips from Inc.

A unique approach to writing great content

Suffering from writer’s block? Intimidated by all the great content pieces out there? Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and learning the process of effective copywriting takes time. Learn how to improve your writing through the “Necessary Mess” process at Copyblogger.

(Don’t) stay positive: How to avoid toxic positivity

If you’ve ever been told to “look on the bright side,” you’ve experienced a form of toxic positivity (and realized how unhelpful it is). In the workplace, toxic positivity can lead to employees withholding thoughts and emotions and a loss of trust. Fast Company explains.