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Tap into the complexities of B2B buyer groups

To drive growth, the VP of marketing at LinkedIn says B2B marketers must understand the needs and “emotional states” of both target and hidden buyer groups. MarketingWeek explains where the biggest opportunities lie.

Setting standards for B2B content marketing

What MarketingProfs calls the “nonsexy” work of creating standards, guidelines, and workflows for content marketing ultimately frees up time and resources to strategize properly. New research provides more insight and solutions to this challenge.

What does it mean to trust a tech vendor?

When B2B tech vendors make mistakes, they can lose the trust of their customers, particularly when the mistake stems from not investing enough in your brand. MarTech discusses the meaning of trust in B2B.

In B2B social media, the tortoise and hare win together

You might compare organic social media to the trustworthy tortoise in the Aesop fable, while paid social is more like the speedy hare. Rather than betting on a single one to win the race, media update explains why it’s more effective to balance both approaches in B2B social media marketing.

Did we pique your content marketing curiosity?

Read about a major trend for 2024: humanizing content.