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Inbound marketing hacks for B2B

Okay, so they’re not “hacks” so much as “good practices,” but Business2Community has the right idea when it comes to B2B inbound marketing. Check out their blog for eight useful approaches like repurposing content, tricking out your “thank you” pages and using video’s full potential.

To market in a boring industry, do something bizarre

How do you get people excited about your business in an industry that, well, just isn’t all that exciting? AdWeek says you shouldn’t be afraid to dabble in the weird, risky or downright outrageous to advance your marketing content and get more pageviews. Here’s why.

Your digital marketing homework for 2019

Still lagging behind in your knowledge of VR and AR, AI, visual and voice search, or vertical video (or all of the above)? It’s time to get caught up! Marketo explains why you should understand these four digital marketing concepts to inform your strategy next year.

How to write image alt text (and why you should care)

As Hubspot mentions, you’ll often see several clickable images before any organic text appears in your search engine results. Image alt text lets you use your website’s images as an organic traffic source, provided you know how to use it. Here’s a breakdown of image alt text and its merits.