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Exploring AI applications in B2B marketing

The conversation around AI has grown in many industries, prompting businesses to reevaluate their methods (and sparking debate about AI’s impact on society). That said, talk of AI in B2B marketing circles has been relatively quiet. Without diving too far into the Black Mirror rabbit hole, how can B2Bs use AI to boost their marketing efforts? Forbes explores some of the possibilities (Heads up: it’s from the pay-to-publish section of Forbes).

Eyeball-friendly B2B content marketing trends for 2018

Infographics are a beloved old standard for good reason, but they’re not the end-all-be-all of visual content marketing. With that in mind, Skyword asks how we can up our visual content game in 2018. Find out how the creative use of visual storytelling, data visualization, and others can give an edge to your B2B content this year.

Growing reasons to stay linked in

Though it began as a job searching and resume sharing platform, LinkedIn has grown to encompass over 500 million users. Most of this growth spiked in the last few years. Instead of hopping on and off to update their resumes, as they did in the past, users stick around for engaging content and networking opportunities. Entrepreneur explains why LinkedIn remains a powerful tool for marketers and brands, even 14 years after its inception — plus offers lots of useful numbers to back up the argument.

Helping YouTube advertisers sort the good from the bad… and the ugly

When it comes to weeding out problematic videos and moderating its content, YouTube has a less-than-sterling track record. Advertisers have been more and more hesitant to hitch their wagons to potentially offensive content. According to Engadget, JP Morgan created a potential fix in the form of an algorithm to help advertisers sort the safe channels from the unsafe ones.

It’s about time, too. When you consider the recent drama from YouTube A-listers like Logan Paul and PewDiePie, it’s all the more important to help advertisers feel safe using the video sharing site’s ever-popular service.