Clever ads for brand awareness are great, but in B2B, it usually takes more than a few seconds to really prove that your product or service can do the job better than its competitors.


Because you have to establish that you know what you’re talking about and that you understand your customers’ problems. Admittedly, this takes a bit of time — a live conversation, ideally. It also takes interest on the part of the prospect to listen, and then offer contact information.

So is it possible to get a media buy to accomplish this level of engagement?

Yes. In the form of a publisher-hosted, live webinar.

Offered through many trade magazines, hosted live webinars give you the opportunity to show that you know what your audience cares about and how to solve their problems. And you know they’re interested, because they’re the ones who signed up to attend.

After your talk — and even during it, if you want — you can turn it over to our audience for questions or objections that you can address right away. The best part? You get a list of the names and emails of the registrants so you can follow-up and nurture them in their buying process.

Why have a third-party-hosted webinar? You can host your own, but this is an opportunity to make new connections and access a wider network through established and targeted trade magazines. They already have the audience, they’ll send out the invitations and they’ll keep your webinar on their site (as an on-demand option) so that prospects can keep engaging.

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